frequently asked questions

Q: HoW Much do You cost?

A: This is the most commonly asked question! For weddings, packages start at 2,000; photo session packages start at $275; elopements are customized by time and location. For more in depth pricing + details, I would love to send you one of my prices guides! Contact me here!

Q: How many photos do we get?

A: For weddings: Typically, I return around 50-90/images per hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the events of the day! For regular sessions - I will edit the best of the best from the session; excluding any photos that may have unflattering facial expressions, closed eyes or blurry movements. This usually yields around 60-90 images, depending on the session length & type. From there, you get to choose how many photos are purchased, it can be anywhere from a single image to the entire gallery!  

Q: We’re so excited to see our images, when will we get them?

A: For Weddings: My average turn around time is 6-8 weeks! Weddings are returned both on a customized usb, as well as through a private, online gallery.  For Sessions: My average turn around time is 7-14 days. From there, a link to your gallery will be sent via email when your photos are ready.

Q: Do you photoshop us?

A: While I do apply edits to change the overall color and style of the image, I am a big believer in a photo representing the real, authentic version of someone. I do minor touch ups, such as very obvious blemishes, or distractions. I do not do body alterations or liquefaction – my general rule of thumb is, if it will be gone in two weeks, I will take care of it, otherwise I like to portray people as they are!  

Q: Do we get the RAW photos?

A: I do not deliver RAW, or unedited photos. The unedited version of the photos I take are not considered a finished product. I am hired based on my style, which I hope clients will trust I will deliver upon booking.

Q: We have no idea what to do in front of the camera, will you pose us?

YES, but NO. I don’t really pose as much as I direct. Over the years, I’ve found that the best photos come from actual emotions, not posed ones. Basically I’ll give you some prompts, tell you to get all cuddly and close, and make you laugh by saying super funny stuff. Basically, my sessions are just a glorified hangout session with a photographer. Just take each other in, and Enjoy yourselves, & I'll do my thing!

Q: What do we wear?

A: Wear something that represents your personality, and makes you feel beautiful (or handsome). Dress up if you’d like, its a good occasion to! Don’t feel like matching only means all wearing the same colored shirt and jeans. Complimentary colors, flowy dresses, and earth tones are all things I recommend. If you still need some help, ask me! I’ve created a Pinterest board with all types of inspiration for every kind of session.

Q: Do I have to order prints through you?

A: I highly recommend ordering prints through our professional vendors, but it is not required. The difference in quality is HUGE when it comes to ordering through a store printer and a professional lab, so I encourage clients to let me help with prints!

That’s it, take my money already. We want to book you, but how?

Sweet! All you gotta do, is email me (if you haven’t already), decide on a date & time that works for both of us, and make a deposit. A retainer fee is due at time of booking to secure your session date, which will go toward which ever collection you choose. From there, we start brainstorming locations and all the fun stuff!

*BRIDES, I got a specific FAQ sheet just for ya, email me and I'll send it over to ya!

still have some questions , or want to book?!