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Hey, I'm Taylor! Photographer of people. Lovers, weddings, families & little ones. Based in Reno & Tahoe, willing to travel where your love story takes me! 


I believe photos are not just meant to be superficial snapshots, but instead personal and emotional portraits of your personality; frozen moments that tell the story of who, what and where you are in that part of your life. Whether you are embarking on a journey as newlyweds, have just brought a new life into this world or are simply wanting to capture a stage of your family's life, I want to help you make that memory something you can hold on to forever. 


At the end of the day, I want my clients to walk away from working with me and feel as though they made a new friend. The photos I take of them are important to me, but the friendships I build with them are what makes the photos even better and make the shoot more of a memorable experience! If you are interested in my work, have some questions or even just want to say hello & chat, send a message my way!