Baby Roen

Knowing Molly practically my whole life, I knew she was meant to be a mom from the onset. From playing with dolls at age 5, to seeing her take charge to help out with her siblings at home, she had the whole "parenting" thing down before she was actually a parent. The came along Alicyn, and she became the role that she had always played so well, but for real this time! Alicyn was her whole world and I always figured she would be an only child. Almost 8 years later after raising a little girl, she found out she was having a little boy. I knew Molly was cut out for this job - no matter if it was a boy or girl, but I can see why it may have been a shock to her. Fast forward 9 months and all the anxiety & anxiousness for his arrival is over - He's here: Roen Asher.

It's always such a great feeling when someone asks me to do newborn photos. its a HUGE moment in time for a family and it goes by SO fast. But when Molly asked me to do his newborn photos... I got a little emotional. Not just because she is someone I care a lot about, including her children. But because doing these photos were so much more impactful, meaningful and emotional because I got to witness all the moments that led this family up to this point. Anyways, sorry for the novel - I just really love these people and I am so happy to be able to use my talents to share to the world how amazing they are!